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Music Ministry at STE

The music ministry at Saint Thomas’ is grounded in the unique Anglican heritage of music in the Episcopal Church. With careful preparation and rehearsal, the musicians of the parish enable all to experience the transcendence of the living God through music.

The Ministry of Music at Saint Thomas’ seeks continually to enhance the worship experiences by glorifying God, moving our hearts and challenging our minds. The Christian faith is a singing faith. From the earliest times, God’s people have shown their love of God with singing and playing of musical instruments. At Saint Thomas’ music plays an integral role in our corporate worship. Our Parish Choir works diligently to prepare and offer our very best in music, always striving for excellence in its presentation. It is our intent to grow musically, spiritually, and in community. We seek to explore new ideas and opportunities as we strive to make our musical offerings grow in service to our church and to our community.